The connection between adam, eve, the kabbalah and the tree of life by Luke Miller

The kingdom of heaven is inside of you; and whosoever shall know himself, shall find it.” -Egyptian Proverb

Many cultures and religions across the globe reference the serpent within, and although many people seem to have a negative connection to the serpent- much of the text discussing it shows it in a potentially positive light.

Edged in stone above the entrance of the famous Oracle of Delphi reads…

Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe”

In the mystical tradition of Judaism, the science of the tree of life is called the Kabbalah, this wisdom is universal, and is found in every great religious tradition.

The science of the tree of life is a map of the universe, and of the human soul.

The tree of life is an ancient symbol, that is universal in meaning, and is found in all the cultures that have held the esoteric knowledge.

Just as the tree of life maps the macro cosmos, the expansive universe, it also maps the micro cosmos,

The tree of life symbolizes the structure of the soul, and the structure of creation.

Its roots are in the highest realms, and its branches and leaves are all the world’s and the many beings that exist.

This tree gives us the fruit of life, sustenance and wisdom.

Possessing an illuminated tree of life within, means that one’s inner senses are fully open and active, providing a direct relationship with God.

Knowledge in Greek is Gnosis and in Hebrew is Daath.

Daath is the hidden sphere found in the Kabbalah, which traditionally is never spoken of or revealed.

Daath, gnosis is the science of the Great Arcanum, that secret knowledge that has been hidden from humanity for ages. However, close examination of the use of the word knowledge in the bible, gives strong indications of the nature of Daath or Gnosis.

And so it seems that knowledge in the bible relates to sexuality. Hence the tree of knowledge, (Daath, gnosis) is a direct reference to sexuality.

So what is the purpose of this reference to sex and its role in the fate of Adam and Eve?

Watch the video below to learn more:


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