How to train Your Monkey Brain by Fattima Mahdi

Our inner voice can sometimes be our worst enemy. We are always thinking about something or other… the errands we need to run, the painful aspects of our past, the belief that we are not good enough, as well as feeling fearful about what the future holds. With our minds in constant motion it can be pretty difficult to slow down, concentrate and just be. Furthermore, such negative thoughts can also affect our mood, stifling creativity and preventing us from moving forward with our passions.

Mingyur Rinpoche is a Tibetan buddhist master who teaches throughout the world. In this short video he provides tips and tricks to help train the monkey mind.

“What I call monkey mind… mind is chattering yada yada. The monkey mind is giving you opinion. So whether you listen to opinion or not is up to you, right?” Mingyur says. “Through meditation what we do is… we have to make friends with the monkey mind.”

Mingyur suggests that we should be aware of our breathing. Being present in the here and now is a simple habit that will allow you to meditate anywhere and at anytime. Yes, that even means while you are walking, while you are having coffee or even when you are in a meeting.

Training your monkey mind will:

Give you clarity of mind.

Allow you to focus on the present and on the task at hand.

Improve the quality of your sleep.

Increase your sense of calm and of well-being.

Make you happier.

Remember, you are in control of how you think and feel so don’t let your monkey mind run wild. Listen to the mental chatter and try and understand why it is upset, fearful or anxious. Is it trying to remind you of something that needs to be done? Is it fearful about the future? Is it upset about the past? Once you know what is causing your monkey mind to be so erratic, you can take the necessary steps to calm it down.

Fattima Mahdi

One thought on “How to train Your Monkey Brain by Fattima Mahdi

  1. you are in control of how you think and feel so don’t let your monkey mind run wild…I tried listening to it as an individual and separating my actual thoughts from the ‘monkey mind’ and it was an amazing two weeks till I couldn’t anymore …will definitely go back to practicing 🤗👏🏾👏🏾nice write up

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