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We found a very interesting article on the Russian forum of alternative medicine. This is the first time that we meet with this method of healing.

The only thing I can say is that a psychological aspect is present.

But, you can test it. Anyway, it costs nothing. Everything comes from the head, and when one believes in what he does that can be a great strength and advantage in any enterprise. So, here’s the text, translated from Russian language. The author of the text is N.Holodenko, psychologist and doctor of philosophical sciences. Well, you decide for yourself whether it is worth your attention.

How to plant your disease in a pot!

You can cure a man in a simple way, which is available virtually to everyone. Based on the proven practice for centuries, the disease can be transmitted from patient to any other organism, in this case the plant.

The procedure is simple. When sick people produce a small amount of liquid: manure, urine, saliva, sweat, secretions, you will have to mix it with the soil and put in a regular(smaller) pot of flowers.

Then you should plant 2-3 seeds, where planetary sign coincides with the sign of the disease, and wait until the plant gets several centimeters high.

Then, carefully remove the plant together with the roots and burn it if the disease is related to hyper secretion of blood, pus, mucus and sweat. In all other cases, the plant is thrown into the river. After doing so, the disease will be gone in a heartbeat.


You should plant the herb at a time when the moon is on the wane. This is the period between full moon and new moon. In nature and in the human body, there is a tendency towards purification at this period.

When the moon is on the wane it dries, blows, reduces and potentiates the activity and energy consumption. The plant is not planted on Saturday, Sunday and on the birthday of the patient.

You should destroy the plant when the moon is on the wane.

The plant should not be planted in the form of cuttings or roots (except horseradish), because such a plant may die, which is not good for patients. You should plant it only in the form of seeds or bulbs.

If the seeds do not sprout, there is no danger to the patient, but the process needs to be repeated.

To be cured of the disease with the help of plants grown in a pot, it is necessary to know the planets and which disease they rule, and find a suitable plant.


Moon: rheumatism, gout, cramps, infected wounds, menstrual disorders, lice, scabies, ringworm, epilepsy, somnolence, depression, melancholia, drunkenness.

Mars: diseases of the ears, lungs, liver, colds, hemorrhoids, sciatica, migraine, non-healing wounds, internal bleeding, jaundice, dysentery, diarrhea, constipation, gangrene.

Mercury: diseases of the brain, fainting, dizziness, stuttering, irrational fears, dental ulcers, skin ulcers, acne, pimples, fistulas.

Jupiter: cardiovascular, gastrointestinal diseases, diseases of the pancreas, spleen, hypertension, angina, eye diseases, poisoning,

Venus: venereal diseases, urinary infection, sexual perversion

Saturn: endocrine diseases and lymphatic system, oncological disease, fruitlessness, lupus, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, dementia, fractures, eczema, undiagnosed disease.

Sunset: burns, frostbite, severe infections, influenza, severe damage to the heart and eyes, paralysis (as a result of trauma or stroke), neurosis, heat stress, poor metabolism (including obesity).


Moon: anemone, aster, veronica, iris, camellia, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, fuchsia

Mars: artichoke, basil, nettles, leek, radish, black radish, beetroot, horseradish, garlic.

Mercury: anise, valerian, morning glory, dahlia, peas, clover, tomatoes, chicory.

Jupiter: sunflower, jasmine, bonfire-salad, sesame, lemon, peppermint, dandelion, peony, rose, rosemary, wheat

Venus: begonia, carnation, geranium, gladiolus, tulip, yarrow, beans.

Saturn: rosemary, potatoes, celery, dill.

Sun: verbena, hyacinth, St. John’s wort, calendula, sunflower, corn, thyme, sage.

It happens that the disease cannot be defined and assigned to one or another planet.

For example, viral hepatitis from one side of the liver (Mars) and the other infectious disease (sun). In such cases, you should use two plants, or plant them in different pots.

Healthy Aeon

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